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And responded to my message on MYSPAZ.

It's awkward, but we're talking through it some. I still don't feel comfortable enough to call him.

I asked him about family history, no response yet.

My brothers are now living with their mother.

She had better not fucking hit them again, or I will convince someone to take me over there on a really, really bad day. I will go hulk on her ass.

Then, Gina keeps worrying every time we can't get my stadol filled that I'm going to kill myself.

Yes, I know, I've said the headaches get that bad, and they do... But that's why I go to the fuckin' ER when one is! Usually if you're screaming bloody murder in the emergency room about killing yourself due to your head hurting, someone is going to do something to shut you the fuck up.

I really wish she wouldn't worry like that. :/ She was more worried because we had no car. I was like Gina, I would walk if I had to. I'd call a cab, or 911. I wouldn't just sit there knowing a bad one was on the way that made me liable to off myself during it.

I do have SOME reason to me in the early stages of a cluster. It's when I get to the point that I'm slamming my head into shit repeatively, not just every once in a while, that you need to worry.
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