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I've gotten my occipital nerve injection, it was lidocaine.

It lasted for 2 hours.

Immidiately after, my clusters decided to visit and let me know how unhappy they were with me for trying to get rid of them. My left side of my face THROBBED for about 3 days.

So, we call my neurologist, let him know, he sets up with pain management who we were told would do another injection.

No. They fucking freaked out and refused to do ANYTHING. Fucking worthless. Grr. Claimed they would try to call and get SOMEONE to deliver oxygen, as they would not believe us about no place around here being willing to deliver it.

They also told us, while I was sobbing in the exam room, that my neurologist would be calling the headache specialist. They were fucking wrong. It turned out we wasted a WEEK waiting for them to call.

I see her on Monday.

Also, Precious went missing a Wensday and a half ago. Joy. We took her over to Brandi's to see the boys, she was tied in the backyard on her lead, got excited over something, broke the lead, Mom went outside 2 minutes later and started looking for her, according to a neighbor.

On top of THAT? Canadapharmacy can't get me my ketotifen.

So yeah, I'm living on epinephrine right now. And 10-15 zyrtec per day.

So, we've been passing out flyers DAILY of Precious, talking to Brandi's neighbors, and I've somehow started to regain faith in humanity due to this. So many people have been nice, and didn't even WANT the reward money we're offering for her. We've passed out 500 flyers since now and the day she went missing.

Aurora won't eat much at this point, she's been depressed since it happened, everyone else is pretty miserable. I'm probably the only one in the family NOT worrying that the dog is going hungry or is lonely.


My gut tells me we'll get her back. I know we will. Plenty of people have saw her, too, and she's following some people around at times... So not too terribly worried... I just miss her.
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