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First, some good ol' fashioned bishin'.

So, Marcos has learned the word bitch. And, unfortunately, he has decided that all superheroes = BISH.

He LOVES Batman. Batman = bish. I try to teach him Batman. It comes out as Batch. We all finally gave up on trying to teach him the actual names.

So, on his birthday, they were at payless. A female clerk was behind the desk, and she gave him 2 spidey stickers.

So of course, he starts to say "Bish! Bish!" and the lady is like "Oh, how cute, is he saying Bees?"

Tara: "Yeah...that's what he's saying." while she tries not to laugh.
Little Jose: "No, he's saying bitch. He says it all the time!"

....Yeeah, Brandi had to have a talk with him about how he couldn't tell people his little brother is saying bitch... XD But we all laughed pretty fucking hard.

On the 16th, saw pain management, they determined I was too ill for them to treat (not suprizing) and sent me on my way.

Saw my headache specialist on the 16th too, she gave me the okay to up the D.H.E. to a full dose. (Dihydroergotamine.) 1ml vial of this shit costs $40. Medicaid will only pay for $20 vials a month, but that's better than nothing. So I have 20 doses, per month, that if I have a really severe hit coming on, or need rest, I can use. Backup is oxygen.

I started a course of it, every 6-8 hours for 3 days, in hopes it would break the cluster headache cycle. It didn't, but it damn well gave me some rest.

It's so nice to know that at least there is SOMETHING that will take away these headaches for a good while.

On another note, things are still going well with the kids.

Marcos now calls me 'Mimi' 'cause he can't say Yumi, or Mysti. Little Jose is still intending to marry my Mom, and aunt Tara. He's also still going to be the wife.

He has also informed me I'm his daughter... XD The best part?

One day he walked into the kitchen with a bunch of toys, threw them up in the air, and Mom was like what are you DOING?

"I hope Aunt Gina can juggle lots of stuff at our wedding. I want her to dress up as a clown. But we'll have to ease Katelyn into it so she won't be scared."

We cracked the FUCK up but he was dead serious.

Ever since we told him that Nathaniel lived in Chicago, and a priceline commercial came on, he informs whoever is in the room "THAT'S WHERE NATHANIEL LIVES. THAT'S HIS HOTEL. AND HIS AIRPLANE. AND THAT MAN IS HIS FRIEND."

Marcos now starts to squeal 'NANIEL, NANIEL' even if no one else is in the room.

Date: 2009-04-26 06:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ruien.livejournal.com
he COULD be saying "bishie"... it'd make more sense XD


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