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...Only there are several problems, and we're not quite sure which it is yet.

First day of it being in? Great. Headache was gone. Both kids were pissed because they got there late and I had already been taken into surgery. XD Doctor did 3 incisions, he said it was difficult. One on my spine, one on my right side, and one on the right side of my stomach.

On the downside, Marcos was most likely traumatized. He rode in the elevator with Mom when they took me from surgery and she said he started screaming "NO MIMI NO!"
"What's wrong baby? Mimi's okay."
"No, she's asleep, she had surgery."
"No she not, she DEAD."
"Mimi is okay. She's just asleep from the medicine."

He wasn't exactly convinced, and was pretty unhappy until I came around. Mysti's first shunt, baby's first trauma. >_o; Thank God little Jose at least knew I wasn't dead. (He's seen me KO'd from surgery before XD )

I was released and went home and passed the fuck out... I think. Memory is pretty fuzzy.

Second day, hell began. I've been bedridden for the most part because sitting up causes godawful pain in my head. Neck started hurting really badly too, turning it hurts.

Also, as soon as I woke up, I noticed my left hand was numb. It's gotten somewhat better, but right now my legs aren't working like they should. It's like I try to make them do what I want but it doesn't feel right.

All of this could be for a few reasons.

1. It's overshunting, and getting rid of too much spinal fluid.
2. It's malfunctioning.

So, if it's overshunting, my body may catch up to it. Or it may need to be on a lower setting.

If it's malfunctioning, they're going to cut me open, rip the thing out, and put a new one in. If I'm lucky they'll only need to remove the valve, not the full tubing.

Incisions are mostly healed, had 2 ER trips, one due to the pain and to get fluids, the other because my surgeon's resident wanted to make sure I didn't need it removed right away. I didn't, so they gave me a shot of morphine then sent me home when the CT scan turned up clear.

Tomorrow I'll be finding out if I'm going to have more surgery (we're packing a bag in case he wants to hospitalize me and get it out/put a new one in.)

Going to try to pass back out now.


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