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In case I haven't showed all of you these, here are the pictures from Nathaniel's visit.

Click here to see them. ^_^

Eee. I got the pics back yesterday. hehe ^^ I got an extra copy of them that I'm going to mail to him, too.... ^_^

Also, Nathaniel got a job! ^_^ One more step to getting closer to him coming down here... I'm very happy right now. ^_^
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I think it was either Thursday or Friday night that I was talking to Nathaniel on the phone.

He was playing Doom.

And I was like "I love you!" And what was his response?


And we both were cracking up and he was like "Crap! Sorry, I opened a door and there was a monster to fight. I love you too."

Then a little while later I say it again.

"I love me too...Hell, I mean I love YOU too, that's 2 for 2. Go me."

And there's something -really- funny that happened that I'm not sure if I should say. XD

Kevin, don't kill me for this. If you ever find this please know I just had to share.

Kevin, my boyfriend's brother, who I knew before I met him, and Nathaniel were talking to each other this morning. I was on the phone and I told Na-kun to say hi for Kevin for me. He was like sure.

Kevin told me Hi... And that his penis was THINKING of me.

You heard me right. His penis was thinking of me. :-= My response?

"If I had a penis it'd be thinking of you too!" <3 Kevin was like isn't Na-kun's penis technically your penis? And he was like
"My penis is definately not thinking of you Kev." XD

There were other fun things said too XD. *Dies laughing* Kevin = awesome. XD

And also, I've met 2 groups of Nathaniel's friends. Each in chats. (well except for a few others that he didn't start chats to introduce me to...)

The first group : When I molested them they were like "Ack! I've been VIOLATED!"
The second group: Was fine with it. They enjoyed it and molested back. XD

Then one of his friends was like "Uh...do you let her act like this all the time?"

I was thinking of course. It disturbs the FUCK out of people he knows. He enjoys it. XD *snickers*


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