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This is a rehersal for all the empty promises I will be...

I won't let you down,
I won't let you down...
I won't let you down,
Done letting you down...

So sleepy...

I meant to put in here that Monday I'll be calling Dr.Cook most likely. I need to know what he thinks would be my best option.

I have pain management Monday too, so I might wait... Dunno. Either way I'm going to be enlisting him to help me.

Galveston can't even give me a constant doctor, each time I go I see a different one, so that's not helping much. I'm honestly SICK of it.

My PCP is no help. He's an asshole. I need to find a new one. Heh.

This moreso isn't about the PTC... it's mostly about prevention. They no longer want to do LP's on me and put me to sleep.

Let me ask them this, would they rather fight me awake? Their answer? They still don't fucking get it. It's extremely stupid. YOU CAN'T HIT A MOVING TARGET FUCKTARD! And I'd be moving if I was awake.

They're not all that bright. -_-;;

So yes I'll be calling Dr.Cook to request his opinion and find out what my options are... which they are not many... in fact I honestly think I may be out of them now... Heh. I'm not saying I've lost hope... just that I'm backed into a corner where even my FAMILY is agreeing we need to speak with him.

Give it up and they'll love you for it,
Give them blood and they'll love you for it...

You're not my girl...You're just tired.


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