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Okay, at this point I am a giggly loon.

I'm not sure WHY but I seem to have recieved some form of a high from...I'm not sure what.

Note: I've not ate in about 12 hours, and have BARELY drank any water, just enough to get my meds down...

My family is worried about my gallbladder...

Meh? To be honest I am too, but at this point thanks to whatever's affecting me I'm too giggly to care ^^;

I feel so stupid, Happy, and Numb...

Whee. Tho I'm not in severe pain anymore, it's dull still, but not as bad ^_^;

I also had a fucked up dream where I was partially trapped in a cat's body... Panther, tho... I've had dreams similar to that before, that I was a damned panther stuck in the woods, running, circling, about to pounce on something ^_^;

But this was different...

I was trapped in a hospital.

Why? I have no clue. Another strange thing was in part of the dream was my wrists were cut, but, not by me... apparantly, someone was after me, and another panther came along and we both lashed out at the captors.

Later on in the dream it turned out I was a nurse and judge judy was there, Dunno why she was either but it was fucking weird. :-=


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