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The dates are set for when Nathaniel will come visit ^^ the week of my b-day. ^^

I'm going to speak to Mom : We'll either do a b-day party at the hotel, or, after we go out to eat. ^^ (Tradition we have, we go out to eat on the night of the b-day ^^ )

I'm happy at this point. Sad because a friend of mine has had a great loss in her life...

But I'm trying to focus on my beloved visiting. ^^ This is gonna be a good birthday... ^^

He's worked a few weekends to get the money to come see me.... after he finsihes working this weekend he'll have enough. ^^ I'm a very happy girl at the moment.

Also Tac and I went onto Gaia slots and convinced some people of 3 things.

1. I was there to be abused and enjoyed it.
2. He abused me, and I enjoyed it.

Okay then it get's really really bad...someone asks if I know him and I'm like yeah, I know him. THey say "Off gaia / in person?"

He messages me and is like tell them you're my Sister!

3. That I was his sister, we lived together.

So let me explain...

I'm his sister. He abuses me. I enjoy it. We live together. I'm 20. He's 18.

So this guy is all "Come on, confess pixie, no one will be mad..." and I'm not sure wtf he wanted me to confess but I was like I like being abused!

Then I had to go 'cause I had no more tokens and I was like okay here's hte truth. I'm 20, he's 17. Not 18.

THEY DIDN'T GET IT. He had to explain that he was a minor, I wasn't, etc etc... it was fucking hilarious. ^^;

Then some guy was like "=/ *wonders where torment's sister is*"
Tac's response? "She's sucking up my luck"

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Urgh. I think Gaia is getting on my nerves... It won't load the Guilds. >_< I wanted to Post in them. It also won't load other things, so it's kinda irritating.

In other news, I have a lovely Butterfly Mantilla on Gaia thanks to Nathaniel( Thank you hon ^_^ ) It turns into butterfly wings.... I don't have to buy faerie wings on there now! YAY! (The Faerie Wings are 40,000 gold ^_^;;; so you can see why I'm so happy! ^_^ ) The butterfly mantilla is so freakin' awesome. Just shiny shiny shiny! ^_^ Plus I like it -much- better than just the Faerie Wings ^_^

Sleepy. bed now


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