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Four to the Floor I was sure,
Never seeing clear,
I could have it all,
Whenever you are near...

Okay, guys, gimmie list of lovey songs you guys like. :P I'm trying to find something mushy. Yes, after about 4 years of hating mushy music, I've gone back to wanting to listen to it. It's Nathaniel's fault ^_^;; So, suggestions please?

Yeah, I know. I know. I'm planning. At this point I'm somewhat picky as far as music goes... I RARELY if ever listen to Tori Amos anymore. I still like her but uhm... to put it simply... I rarely get any urges to listen to her. ^_^; I don't change the station but I haven't used my cd's in a long while. prolly the last time they got any use was when Nicky was visiting. ^_^;;

So if you have a suggestion of something from her I might entertain it but... frankly? I can't listen to it without getting the urge to switch it to Matthew Good or Tapping the Vein. ^^;; So for the most part she's out.

Anyone else other than Britney Spears / Christina Skagulara boy bands etc... that kinda shit's out too, so no suggestions from them =P Or Mariah Carey. x_x;; XP

Yeah, I'm picky.

I also like Coldplay's Yellow. Mushy <3 Really mushy. <3 Teehee. Suggestions damnit! I need some! XD


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