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Okay, at this point I am a giggly loon.

I'm not sure WHY but I seem to have recieved some form of a high from...I'm not sure what.

Note: I've not ate in about 12 hours, and have BARELY drank any water, just enough to get my meds down...

My family is worried about my gallbladder...

Meh? To be honest I am too, but at this point thanks to whatever's affecting me I'm too giggly to care ^^;

I feel so stupid, Happy, and Numb...

Whee. Tho I'm not in severe pain anymore, it's dull still, but not as bad ^_^;

I also had a fucked up dream where I was partially trapped in a cat's body... Panther, tho... I've had dreams similar to that before, that I was a damned panther stuck in the woods, running, circling, about to pounce on something ^_^;

But this was different...

I was trapped in a hospital.

Why? I have no clue. Another strange thing was in part of the dream was my wrists were cut, but, not by me... apparantly, someone was after me, and another panther came along and we both lashed out at the captors.

Later on in the dream it turned out I was a nurse and judge judy was there, Dunno why she was either but it was fucking weird. :-=
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I'm slightly bothered still by what has been on my mind...

But, at any rate, thankfully no more strange dreams of me telling the person who I've been...rather upset with off. The dreams were strange but came from my pure, unadulterated, disgust.

Anyways, Shar and I were in some form of a video game. I can't remember all of it, but some of it was cutesy, others, was just strange and funny. WE SMOKED POT.

Okay, most of you know how I feel on that. You can smoke as much pot as you won't and I don't give a shit, but I will not be the one doing it.

So that was weird, but apparantly we were playing some form of a video game together and...were in it...as in like virtual reality ^_^;

Not only that, I reccomended a book to Leah, and it turned out, it had HORSEFUCKING IN IT.

Now besides that it's a GOOD book, and someone WITNESSES it and they go into far too great of detail.... ick. It was just wrooooooong. Though I saw it coming ^_^;
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This dream even had some healing items and shit innit O_o;; (Note, these are the thoughts for the most part that I had in the dream and such.)

After travelling for a while, trying to find this little red-headed boy, I finally do.

Such a sweet looking thing. Too bad that he's dangerous to others, and a weapon. One that wants to detonate himself... He's dangerous, remember that...

I walk up to him, my sword swaying at my side and kneel before him.

"I have come to seek you, sir. I am looking to join your people... I did not expect one so young..."

"I may seem young, but I know more than you think. And a lot about you, Madam."

I lifted my head and smirked "Exactly why I am seeking your guidance, my Lord."

"Then do me this favor. We cannot get past this monster over there...can you either defeat it or find a way around?"

"I could defeat it, but it would be best to attack from behind, so I shall find another way sir."

"Very well. Go then." He was much stronger and much sturdier than I thought. The small boy-looking creature could blend in with any woman, yet, he held the air of a King when he spoke...

I motioned to my companion, and she walked up behind me. Her hair was short, black, and she wasn't wearing much.

"Mistress are you sure we should go this way?" She asked, hesitatantly. She still insisted on calling me Mistress even after I freed her from bondage as a slave. Does she not know I love her and it is not my will to rule over her in any way?

"Hush Kiki. I know what I am doing. You just stay close. I'll be safe, have no worries little one..."
"Yes Mistress..."

She walked behind me nervously, she had a right to be. there were monsters all over this place...bears mostly... I got out my gun and handed it to her, and unsheathed my sword.

"Allow me to sneak up on it, then you shoot it twice, and while it's caught off guard I'll strike the final blow. Shoot for the head." I whispered and she nodded quietly, knowing my instructions would keep me safe.

I snuck up, she shot the bear twice, and I finished it. It was over in a moment, and I motioned for her to get up and follow me... She wanted to cling to me but I told her wait until once we got through this maze... There were tons of bunk beds in the place... with monsters sleeping on them in some cases... in others they looked like they had been abandoned.

We finally made it to the door and I stepped through. Below us was another monster, bigger than the one blocking the way... it had 3 heads and would spin around. I jumped down on it as did she and I yelled out commands.

"Shoot each in the eyes once and I'll finish them love!"

She obeyed. I had her shoot them so they'd be stunned, and once they were all dead we jumped down and walked through the door, seeing the monster resting with it's back to us... This fight would be so much tougher... But we could not go back now could we?

We attack, it awakens... It does not just awaken... it hungers for blood... our blood... It hungers....

I attack it again and again and she shoots at it, using things to heal us both for the moment, and, we finally take it down, walking around it's carcass and kneeling in front of our future King.

"We have killed it for you, your highness..." We said in unison...

He smiled and looked at us "Very well, you shall be a part of the main team, travelling with me my ladies, and shall be paid highly for what you have done for me!"

We both smiled, and layed down and took a nap together while the other knights moved the dead monster's body....

When we awoke we got on the move again. Shit, I didn't have time to buy any items to help us! If we get into a bad fight we may be screwed!

And we did....

We got into a fight with a terrible monster that, apparantly, wanted to kill worse than the last...and this time we had another person in our party! The magic user got killed immidiately. I go for a Diar (reviver, not sure why it was called that in this world...) and realize we're out... The monster takes my beloved down and I lean over her, knowing she's hurt too badly to live and I can't defeat this monster without her, I whisper "I love you Kiki, so very much, I'm sorry I couldn't protect you!" as tears slide down my face and I put her out of her misery out of mercy for the woman I love. I slit her throat,and then turn to the monster.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU!" I throw everything into this one last charge but it brings a claw up which is more like a sword and stabs me... tossing me onto the ground like a ragdoll... And everything goes black... I was expecting a game over message but no... in this game there are no re-tries... No restarts... you don't fuck up in this game...


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