So sick.

Dec. 5th, 2008 01:49 am
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I've been puking my guts up since Tuesday, pretty much. Jose HAD a stomach bug, we thought he'd gotten over it and went over to watch him.

Well, when I saw Neurology, they gave me 2 medicines. They have NO procedure room where they are, so my nerve block has to wait until they're moved... Which will be in 5 weeks. If I'm lucky.

I reacted horribly to both medications. One, is the medication they use to make SURE you're suffering from cluster headaches.

If you have the other diseases that mimic clusters, it cures them. You immidiately get relief.

It made mine worse, and I wound up vomiting until I puked blood. Not really that big of a deal, but I felt pretty crappy.

I decided to wait to try the second one, Cardizem it's a Calcium channel blocker, used for high blood pressure, which I don't have. Mine runs low. Unless I'm HAVING a cluster. In that case, it runs what for most people would be considered 'normal'.

After 2 days of it I began to get dizzy and pass out.

So yeah, that went out the window too. We're now trying to get in touch with neurology to beg them to find one of the sister-hospitals of UTMB that CAN do a nerve block.

I don't really think I have much of a choice, at this point. I have to wait to get into pain management, I've got to wait until May 28th to find out if I'm chronic before they consider surgery. On top of that, the nerve block has to be done beforehand, to prove the surgery will even help me.

All and all, it's just a big pain in my fucking ass.

My whole family is starting to be SEVERELY effected by this. It's getting worse, and worse for them. :/

Oh, and now I have to work on Papa's laptop. Gina's fucked things up and is trying to blame Mom... I KNOW what Mom has been doing on that computer. Gina has been going to freebie sites and signing up for stuff, and playing games the laptop was NOT made for. Mom has gone on Myspace to look at our families pages. I've never had problems accessing myspace, or having it install spyware.

I think I know which one is the problem, seeing as those same games, keep crashing THIS computer.
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Had a bad cluster there, not really abnormal.

Blood tests came back normal. Except for Lupus. That was, of course, inconclusive. They're not sure why the fuck my blood isn't clotting properly.

Friday I saw Allergy, my doctor is gonnnee. ;_; Well, my favorite one. So no nice tricks up his sleeve to help.

Monday I see neurology.

For some utterly insane reason I'm going to allow them to shove a needle in the back of my head and inject drugs around my occipital nerve. Not pleasant, but it's supposed to make my head go numb during clusters. The only reason they didn't do it before was because the occipital nerve wasn't bothering me.

Now when a hit starts, it feels like there's a snake, embedded in my skin where that nerve is. I can't touch it to see wtf it's doing because doing so causes godawful pain.

Mom intends to demand MRI's and a full neurological evaluation because during the worst clusters my motor skills go awry. This isn't supposed to happen, but god only knows what the fuck my brain is doing when this is going on.

I'm worn out pretty bad most of the time. Not sure if that's the zanaflex or if something else is going on.
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It appears Lamictal can cause liver problems.

Expecially in people who have had them previously.

So, liver function tests tomorrow.

If I wasn't already going to be in hell for the next few days, I had to have this to add to it. I'm so fucking tired of this shit. I just want to sleep until Sunday when we go to the zoo.

I don't really give a fuck about doing much else at this point. Sleep, zoo, sleep. Hope the Zanaflex does it's goddamned job and keeps knocking me on my ass.


Nov. 10th, 2008 07:51 pm
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Woo Obama, yay. Crazy bitch isn't going to be near the white house since you won! :D

>_> Did McCain just WANT to lose? Palin was the nicest thing he could have done for Obama. People went "...Are you SERIOUS? You want THAT goofy bitch as second in command? I DON'T THINK SO. DX". Way to get the undecided to decide real fast! I almost felt bad for him. D:

Anyways, Zanaflex seems to be working and helping me. We'll see how things progress, but so far I'm pleased.
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Kay so, I meet the pain management doctor, at first his response is "I don't think I can help you."

Then he decides he'll try some anticonvulsants/mood stabilizers on me. Okay, everyone who was around me 8-9 years ago, knows for a fact, this is a fucking bad idea. Anticonvulsants tend not to do so well on me...

Sooo... Lamictal. That was the only one out of the 3 that we could get, they had to order the Zanaflex, and the pharmacist said "No" on the Celebrex because I reacted badly to Vioxx. (Thank GOD.)

Well, we get the Lamictal, I take it, 30 minutes later, my stomach hurts. Then I get itchy, so I take a Ketotifen. I assume I will be okay, drink some Pepto.

This...turns out to not be the end of it.

I started to feel very happy.

No, not just happy. I started laughing. Hysterically.

So, I'm sitting there laughing and inform mom that my feet feel funny.

I continue to laugh, then realize that I can hear my heartbeat in my ears... Mom didn't tell me, but my ears were fire engine red. This is a warning sign that someone's blood pressure is up.

Then I notice that my throat feels odd, but my perception was super duper fucked. So I wasn't quite sure if my throat was closing up...My lungs also felt a bit sore. I informed her, then went right back to laughing.

Mom called the pharmacist, and while she was on the phone with him, I continued laughing hysterically.

So, THEN I get itchy. I go to my room, itch, get dressed, continue laughing my ass off.

We go to the ER, by the time we get there, I am very much not laughing anymore. It felt like there was a snake wrapped around my spine. Mom sits me down, I start coughing after a minute or two, and my throat begins to close up in earnest. This time I could damn well tell what the hell it was. On top of this, a cluster headache was raging and my beastie was pretty pissed off.

She told the girl at the desk, and it was a fucking good thing I had my epi pen on me, cause the bitch didn't care.

Mom grabbed it, gave it to me through my jeans, and within a minute I started feeling relief.

Then I notice the half-dollar sized blood stain appearing on my leg. I decided to ask "Are you gonna be able to get that out?"

Mom starts laughing at me, due to the fact that I just faced possible death and my only concern was "Will this blood come out of my jeans?"

A minute or two after that... I started to shake. Then... my eye popped open. After I took the epi, I knew that my head was easing up.

"Oh my god..."
"What?! Is your throat closing back up?!"
"No! My eye. LOOK! OH MY GOD. The epi must have done it! It must be a vasoconstrictor! My head feels better!"

Excitement on my part ensues. Then, they called me back, did my triage, every nurse wanted to put a blanket on me because I was shaking so bad. I was like "I'm not COLD. I want to go take a nap."

"You really don't need to sleep right now." Well, no shit sherlock...

SO, we go back out into the waiting room, and I'm laughing hysterically at everything again, and Mom is finally like OMFG. DON'T TALK TO ME ANYMORE OR YOU'RE GROUNDED. And we're laughing harder and I keep saying "I REALLY DON'T WANT TO LAUGH!! I KEEP TRYING NOT TO!!"

Finally this lady looks at us and Mom realizes we look absolutely nuts, and explains that I got REAL fucked up on some medicine... And I'm laughing at EVERYTHING. Really, after the epinephrine, I thought maybe I was okay. Maybe I had my head cleared by it. Mom informed me that NO, I was still very goofy.

So, the lady starts talking to us and her daughter comes over and we talk... My cluster suddenly comes back, and I take my stadol. You could tell when it was flaring up, because I would stop laughing for a few minutes.

Well, a little while later, these people come in, looked like a whole fucking bus accident had happened. It was obviously a team from one of the local schools.

People were crying in the group. We found out, it was for ONE girl. When they brought her out of triage, everyone SWARMED her until security told them to break up.

After this, Obama's acceptance speach came on. Now, here's where the stupid comes in. I thought it was cute when he was talking about buying his daughters a puppy.

So I said "What're you gonna do now that you're president?"
"Buy my kids a PUPPY! :D"

...the girl said
"What? I'm getting shot tonight?"

...WHAT? Kay, so I'm going back to watching the TV, 'cause you just said that in a room full of Obama supporters...

So they finally take me back, the doc comes in, examines me, notices the bit of a rash I have. He said he wanted to keep me because he expected me to have a flair up in 2-3 hours. He said he wanted an IV in me, to make sure that if it happened, he could get some epinephrine in me without having to fight my body.

Well, they gave me Phenergan injection, and Vistaril injection, and a pepcid pill. Another cluster had hit by this time, they knew that Nubain helped me, or my Stadol. So I asked the nurse if I could take my Stadol.

She came back and told me "The doctor said to give you WHATEVER you wanted!"


"So, do you want the Nubain, or you can take your Stadol?"

I chose the wiser choice, Nubain tyvm.

2 hours pass... and I start to itch. Oh joy! Mom said my forehead swole up like one of the dudes from the Geico cavemen commercials. XD

We mentioned to the nurse when she brought me more Vistaril that we saw all those people outside for that one girl... She informed us said girl? That all of the people were there for? Was being treated in Minor Care.

...We LOL'd. She must have been the star of the team, with the way the adults were crying too.

Little while later, my left lung starts to hurt. They give me more Nubain.

Later on they decided that I was okay, and let me go home. I flopped into bed and slept happily.

Today we found out that the pain management doctor will not treat me due to the complications, so I went to my doctor, he gave me moar stadol. I've also got a referral for another pain management clinic.

Something that the pain management doctor asked me though was... "Have you tried vicodin for this?"

"Yes, I have."

"How much did you take?"

"What I was prescribed, I tried a double dose of it, too."

"You probably just didn't take enough."





How much is ENOUGH when it comes to Vicodin?!?!?! DUDE, I don't want LIVER FAILURE. D:


Nov. 3rd, 2008 02:58 am
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This started out about me raging about a chain letter about a blind girl, and her boyfriend gives her his EYES, and then she doesn't like him because she can see and he has no EYES. And then he's like OH NO, I GAVE YOU MY EYES, ENJOY THEM, BYE. He somehow wrote this note without seeing.

Dena: <_<
Me: ...wat?
Me: XD
Dena: ... do you think Siuki would give me his eyes?
Me: ...probably
Me: XD
Dena: XD
Me: if not?
Me: you can TAKE them form him
Dena: We'll kill him
Dena: yep
Dena: XD
Me: exactly
Dena: =D
Me: problem solved.
Me: XD
Dena: fuck yeah

This somehow evolved into the MATRIX, cat names, and the song SHAKE THAT LAFFY TAFFY.

Don't ask me HOW the fuck it turned from removing her fiance's eyes and using them as her own to that. I really don't know, and I'm not sure how. I blame Siuki for this. It's his fault for having eyes.

ETA: She and I have now concurred, Beyonce's vagina NEVER ENDS.

No, seriously. It doesn't END.

If I could stop laughing enough to remove her name from the AIM log, I would post it and disturb every-fucking-one, but it's full of too much /b/. YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE THE HIP GYRATIONS. YOU FUCKING CAN'T. They're hipnotic.

Somehow? We came up with something even worse than that... If you click, don't say I didn't warn you. XD

Okay, you were WARNED. )
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Well, I got a call today...from Pain management! :D I'm seeing them Tuesday.

I'm assuming the nurse informed them of how bad of shape I'm in right now. Every time Mom picks up the phone, the first thing after she says hi?
"She feels like crap."

Or whatever my current status is. Apparantly everyone is wondering about me and if I'm going to snap or kill myself during one of these headaches.

Cindy keeps offering to buy me street drugs. D: D: D:

Mom is like Cindy...if that would help her? I'D go buy her some! XD

Apparantly Destiny has gone from just being cruel to animals to purposely hurting her brother. They have her on Abilify right now. If this doesn't work? It's hospital time for her. She threw him into a wall and when he complained that his back hurt, she rubbed muscle rub on it...which she knew would blister him badly, because it had blistered HER badly.

Cindy didn't find out until a few days later, so we're all horrified. THEN... She was talking about how Destiny tries to say who can be around Cindy. She told my Mom that she was okay to be around Cindy. So, Cindy basically chewed her out, Destiny lied, then...

"I have to protect you Mama."
"No, you don't, I'm an adult, I don't NEED to be protected."
"I had a dream that God told me you're going to die when I'm 23. I have to protect you."

Okay combine this with Destiny informing Cindy that when Cindy dies, she wants herself, and Christopher to die with her. So, we're like "...Yeah, Cindy? She's telling you when she's going to kill her brother, you, and then herself." >_>;;

The shrink asked her if she wanted to hurt her brother. Her response? "Yes."

I know she's a very sick little girl mentally, but holy fuck. Even THOMAS didn't hurt animals, and he was a fucking murderer! >_>;;

This may all seem like it's omg horrible, and it is, BUT... Cindy has finally decided she's going to make sure Destiny gets the help she needs, even if it means that she has to hospitalize her for a while. Or go through years of therapy with her. So, I'm proud of Cindy. Very Proud.
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Sooo.... I go in to ask about my oxygen to the doctor today. Also because some rather unnerving neurological symptoms have popped up over the weekend.

The nurse informs us every home health care place she has called? Does not want to give oxygen for this. "We don't give oxygen for headaches."
"But I have the prescription."
"We don't give oxygen for headaches."


The last place she calls had best hope that they agree to it. Otherwise? I might just decide to go in to one, and demand to talk to someone. I will make sure it is during a cluster and see what the fuck they think of not giving me oxygen then.

Alternatively? I may just get welders oxygen. It's the same thing I've been told. >_>;;

Last night we went to Tara's for dinner. Had a pretty severe cluster.

I felt it coming on so I went into the bathroom, took my Stadol, and then screamed for a little bit.

Well, Mom and little Jose needed to use the bathroom. She opened the door, not realizing I was in there, and he was behind her.

So basically he saw me on my knees, clutching my head and groaning. Exactly what I was trying to PREVENT him from seeing...

Mom helped me up off of the floor, and she told him to go to the bathroom and he told her no, she should go first.

I was sitting on the couch rocking and holding my eye, and all of the sudden he's there in front of me with a battery powered fan. I thought he was showing it to me or wanted me to turn it on.

Nope, he turned it on and held it on me.

"Yumi, this will help you feel better."

It was so sweet of him. I hugged him and kissed him and told him that he did make me feel better.

Sometime last week I set up the wireless network, and network security on Papa's laptop and our computer. I checked with his laptop, most of our neighbors? Don't have any security on their wireless. o_o;
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First I went to the hematologist. Basically he informed us that with all of the new bruises I've had, and how if I get cut I end up bleeding for over 20 minutes... That he's positive I have SOME kind of bleeding disorder, he's not sure which one I have though.

So he's checking me again for everything, along with Lupus. (Almost every fucking Lupus test I've had comes back as inconclusive. I'll bet this one does too.)

A nurse was about to take my blood, I was having a cluster headache, she was on my bad side, and suddenly I hear "Wake up sleepyhead!"

I was like huh... ME?!

"I'm not asleep. That eye is swollen shut, I'm having a cluster headache."

I didn't tell her how irritating it was having anyone touching me during it...

So, then we go over to Brandi's house.

Little Jose showed us his new bedroom set, and Marcos too. Then Jose finally noticed my eye being swollen and thought to ask about it for the first time.

"Yes my love?"
"Why is your eye like that?"
"Because I have a headache and it sometimes makes my eye close."
"Oh, okay. Do you sleep like that?"

...of course Mom and I start laughing. He's not, because he was SRS.

"No, I sleep with both of my eyes closed."

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A video from Jan 4th, of little Jose dancing. No, seriously, everyone needs to see this. Mom had to ask Brandi where he learned it from...

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So... About a week or two ago, some guy who had some of Brandon's stuff, would not give it back. Brandon asked him at work, and the guy brushed him off.

So later that night he asks him at a party, and some random fucker comes up and start headbutting him. Meanwhile, his friends just watch and do nothing. The first headbutt knocked him to the ground, and the guy kept on doing it.

Next day, Tara finds a shitload of blood in her sink and wakes Jeff up. "WHAT THE FUCK?! What's all that blood from?!"
"I didn't do it!"

She tried to wake Brandon up, but he wouldn't answer her. So later he goes over to Brandi's, and informs her.

She told him to give her the guys name, he did, she didn't know who he was. So, she told him to give her his friend Adam's number, so she could call and bitch him out. Then go kick his ass for not helping Brandon out.

"Fuck no! How's that going to look? I can't take up for myself so my sister has to take up for me?"

Since Brandi wasn't allowed to go defend him herself, she did the next best idea she had.

"Fuck that, I'm calling in some mexican gangs."


A few days later, the guy, and Adam came to Brandon, both crying and begging for his apology. XD

Also, Papa always used to threaten to hire a big kid to whip Brandon's ass... So when Mom talked to him on the phone he said...

"Would you ask Papa if he finally hired that big kid to whip my ass?! Because if so IT WORKED." XD We were glad he could just brush it off like that and laugh about it. I don't know how he felt about Brandi getting people to terrorize those guys, but we laughed our asses off. XD


Oct. 14th, 2008 12:40 am
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Okay so... Papa was out walking Aurora and Precious in the woods. Aurora was playing in the mud apparantly.

Well, they came home, Papa took her to Gina's room. Gina slept for a while, then woke up, went to the bathroom and came back.

She noticed Aurora's ear looked funny, so she took her to the living room, and asked Papa to look at it.

He touched it and blood came out, turned out to be a snake bite.

Not just a snake bite. Water mocassin. Poisonous snake.

So, she was taken to the vet, and given 6 shots, and oral antibiotics for the next 5 days.

Now, here's the other thing... If she starts scratching her ear, gets hit in the ear, or starts shaking her head... She may lose her ear. X_x;; Poor thing D:
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I started writing this during just a shadow headache. Lo and behold, it decided to turn into a cluster. While I was describing it. Fuck you Beast, Fuck you. DX

Well, I've finally given in to the whole "beast" thing. People with cluster headaches refer to their headaches as the 'beast', 'devil', 'monster' etc. I've finally started doing it. DX It only took... *looks at the date she joined the clusterheadache boards* ...117 days to make me start thinking of it as that. o_o;

I mean, first of all, is the shadow headaches. It's like some big guy is just pressing down on your face. They sit there and taunt you. Like.. "You're going to have a cluster later, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, but wait for it. I'm going to sit right here, and remind you for the next few hours..."

Then, the beast decides to really manifest, and it feels like there's a gigantic spike being driven into my head or my eye. Or like maybe there really is some big invisible monster with just one long tooth slamming it into my eye socket over and over. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Now my Stadol is kicking in, and it's still painful, but it's easing up slowly... It feels like it's a fight to finally make the beast succumb to the medicine and go to sleep again. Until it's time for it to wake up again.

...And all of this, is slightly related to my family worrying about my mind breaking. XD They're worried the stress of it is going to drive me nuts.

Well, right now, it's taken care of. 3 headaches a day unless I come across a trigger, I take the Stadol for each one of those, and I'm okay. Usually. Sometimes I have to wait part of it out, but it's not nearly as bad as it would be without any medication all together.

Plus I'm getting my oxygen soon. :D It's gonna get a lot better.
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Okay so, the monday after we evacuated, we got the hotel and all, I wound up having to go to the ER because 2 doses of my stadol failed.

So, Mom and I were sitting in the waiting room, I was rocking and crying, and didn't really notice this man... I could hear him...

Apparantly, he was laying on the furniture, then, would FLIP over it, and I heard him ask to someone "Ma'am.. Ma'am.. am I scaring you ma'am? I'm sorry, I'm just having a REAAAAL good time!"

Finally I notice Mom is laughing, and when I hear furniture flipping over, I look.

People started to laugh and he was all "DON'T LAUGH AT ME!!" So, we tried not to laugh.

Then the crazy motherfucker starts doing BACKFLIPS over the furniture and is yelling "OH MY BACK, I HURT MY BACK!!" Then does it again! Then back to "Sir, am I scaring you sir? I'm just having a real good time!"

Then back to throwing the furniture.

So then, a cop comes out and the guy's first thing is "OH GOD YOU'RE GONNA ARREST ME AREN'T YOU?! D:"

"Uh no...Sir, are you waiting for a ride?"
"No, my ride is at home."
"Well then how did you get here?"
"The ambulance came and got me because my blood sugar was ZERO!!!"

Everyone in the room: *cracks up*

Officer: Okay, I'm going to call a cab, and you can pay them when you get there, okay?

The man thanked him, then took his gown off (thank god he had pants on) then asked the officer "Will you help me put this on?"

Finally he says "MY BLOOD SUGAR IS ZERO AGAIN!!" and they take him to the back. He continues to act up back there and we all hear the officer...

"Look, am I going to have to whip your ass or are you going to act proper?!"

He stopped acting up then and Mom was like "Did he just threaten to whip his ass?"


They gave him food and let him back out and he was acting normal again. Then they took me back.

Okay, crazy people do not stop there.

On our way out a old lady with no shoes on comes out and asks Mom if she has a cigarette.

Mom didn't, so she asked me and I was like "I don't smoke."

"Oh, that's right, you're what, 14 or 15?"


You just asked someone you thought was 14 for a cigarette?! WTF!

I swear though, the guy was like a cast member of the OLD saturday night live. XD

Also, the first Saturday we were there, Papa bought Spiderman sheets for his cot to sleep outside.

All 4 of the kids wanted to sleep with him.

The next morning, Mom was like Russel, you should tell him you like his sheets too.

Russel told him "Hey, Papa, I like your sheets, can I sleep with you tonight?"

It was fuckin' great. XD
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Some is out of order, as I was having headaches hard and heavy. That tends to mess with me quite a bit.

First of all, we left early in the morning the day we left. I had some of the pomegranate mike's hard lemonaides that I had left over from Nathaniel's visit so... I chugged one. Alcohol is apparantly NOT a trigger for me. Imagine my luck. XD One of the very few cluster sufferers that can drink alcohol. I suppose life had to leave me with -some- pleasures even in the face of this. XD

I slept through a good part of the trip. Woke up to go to the bathroom, and when the altitude increased, woke up due to the headaches to take my stadol.

We got there around evening, then went shopping for food, I offered to stay the night at Russel and Amber's since Mom and Papa both felt bad. That way the dogs would be okay.

Brandi,Jose, Tara, and Jeff got there with the kids around 10 or so, little Jose was asleep and stayed that way, but Marcos woke up and started wandering around the house and playing with us. He eventually went to a rack that stored onions, various things, and grabbed a pack of potatos called 'smart potatoes'.

He picked them up, walked to Brandi, handed them to her, then clapped as soon as she grabbed them. We all cracked the fuck up because he wanted potatoes, and wanted them NOW. XD "You can't eat them raw!" Brandi told him... XD

He disagreed, and we got him to change his mind, a little while later everyone was in bed pretty much, so I got in bed with the dogs, and went to sleep.

I woke up to find both dogs in bed with me, and the moment I stirred, Precious crawled from the foot of the bed, up to the top, and started to lick me. Little Bitty did the same.

This is where everything went awry. Things were going just fine until mid-day, when Brandi's friend Morales arrived. Precious was playing with the kids, and was happy as could be.

When she arrived with her evil children, Precious freaked the fuck out. And the little fuckers DID NOT understand DO NOT FUCK WITH THE DOG. SHE MAY BITE YOU. Mario and Mariala did not listen, one bit, and I wound up having to restrain Precious half of the time. I pondered beating the living hell out of both of them.

If either of them were in the room, she would position herself between them and Brandi's kids, trying to protect them.

So, later on, Russel's son Daemon had chased her, and cornered her against me and was petting her. I thought she was fine until she snapped at him, she didn't bite him hard. Russel's position was "I told him to leave the dog alone.."

We got a muzzle for her, because we felt bad about it. She was fine after that, so long as Morales and her kids were not around, Daemon and Aiden could pet her, but if the other kids were near her...She'd toss her body in between those kids, and Marcos, Jose, Daemon, or Aiden. She clearly felt like they were a threat to 'her' pack and territory. This pretty much worried all of us, because even Aurora doesn't like those kids...

At any rate, Friday or was it Saturday? we watched the hurricane roll in to Galveston, and laughed our asses off at the idiots on the seawall. There was some random dude in a bear suit on it. Behind a cameraman waving.

Brandi: "Yeah, enjoy your bear suit, you'll be DROWNING in it later fucker!"

Later on that night, on the same channel they were showing the hurricane as it rolled in, yet again, on the seawall, and there was a blue dot on the screen... The newscasters were like "Do you see that dot? Zoom in on it... That's not a dot, that's a person, with a still camera out there taking pictures!" ...then the meteorologists began talking about what a dumbass this guy is.

It was pretty funny. XD

Then that night, Papa styaed over and slept outside on a cot with the dogs while Mom and I went back to the hotel.

Then this one newscaster showed pictures of two kids, sleeping in a closet "hunkered down" as the newscasters kept referring to it as. I had never heard that fuckin' phrase before. I mean seriously, wut? And he was talking about how don't you wish you were with those little angels, sleeping soundly...

Mom and I were like "...Wow, creepy, pedo!" XD

So, we go to sleep, next morning is a barbeque. We all had a blast. Except for Precious. Oh and Papa, because he wanted to beat the living hell out of Morales kids for fucking with the dog, yet again.

Anyways, I asked Marcos who I was at one point, he opens my shirt. "Chichis?"
Everyone got a kick out of that when they found out. DX

Well, we had offered to watch the kids for Russel and Amber so they could go out. We offered to watch Brandi and Jose's kids too. We did not offer to watch Morales kids, but, we did anyways. Once we got them all piled into a bed to watch a cartoon, since Daemon was asleep, it was okay.

Until...I find that my Stadol is missing from my purse.

Now, we have one person there, who has a problem with overdosing on medication. Morales. Of course the first thing my Mom assumes is she took it. No, that wasn't the case.

It turns out one of her kids had dug in my purse, removed it, and placed it on Daemon's window sill. -_-;; Thank you, for teaching your children manners.

Well, that wasn't the end of the fun.

Brandi and Jose come in, in a rush, and Brandi tells him "Change your shirt, NOW." then Morales stumbles in, obviously VERY fucked up. "I gotta pee!" And her husband Alfredo is behind her.

Brandi runs into the room she, Jose, and the kids are staying in, and then peeks out and sees my Mom and asks her for a shirt, she's taken hers off, and given it to Jose.

So, we're all going WTF, Alfredo and Morales are IN THE BATHROOM together, I hear some bumping noises and at first am wondering wtf is going on in there...

"The cops are outside!" Brandi informed us.

Okay, so, here's the story. Morales got incredibly drunk, to the point she had to be carried out of the pool hall, by Alfredo and Jose. Brandi went back to tell Russel bye, and she'd see them at the house.

On her way out, she hears the bartenders talking about how 'fucked up' that girl was and it was a code 55. She doesn't pay any mind to this, until they're almost home, and she notices a white explorer following them...

Jose: Who the fuck is that?
Brandi: Who the fuck IS that?!
Jose: I don't know, who the fuck is it?!
Brandi: Shut up!

They get out of the car, and Brandi notices the guy has a big ol' patch that says 'SHERRIF DEPARTMENT' on his shirt, and goes
"Jose, get in the fucking house, NOW!"

Then she hears the guy say "He's bald, and in a white t-shirt."

Okay, so, Alfredo gets Morales out of the explorer, and Morales is all
"Who the fuck is that?! Is it a CRABBY PATTY?!" (something she was doing at the bar... from spongebob.)
The guy shines his flashlight on her
"Who the fuck are YOUU?!" Morales says and starts walking towards him until Alfredo grabs her, they all run into the house, and 4 police cars PULL UP.

So, this is what the commotion was about. THen they drive around, shining their lights on the house, full of sleeping people, Tara finds out, wakes up, and is PISSED.

"You all fucking STAY INSIDE, because there is obviously some RACIST MOTHERFUCKERING SHIT GOING DOWN HERE. Don't come out of the fucking house!"

Okay so, we never find out wtf is going on, or why they were after them. Russel and Amber come home because of the fact that this is FUCKED UP. The police did not try to come in the yard, as legally, they could not without a warrant. So, before Russel and Amber got there, Brandi, Jose, Mom and I, all went and stood out on the lawn and watched the cars drive by.

I asked if I could wave at them, since, they couldn't do anything about it. XD

After that, we walked back to our hotel, which was just down the street. We didn't leave before, afraid that we might get dragged off for questioning, with all of my medicine.

That's all I feel like writing for now. XD

I fucking hate drama whores, and, it tends to find Morales wherever she goes. >_<; Mario was bitching her and Alfredo out "We can't go ANYWHERE without YOU getting in trouble!"

While she was going
"Tell your Dad about the CRABBY PATTY dance!"

...Yeeah. >_>;;; Pretty fucked up. XD
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Past few days have not been good.

Okay so, before we came home, I had been puking my guts up off and on for 3 days or so. I was also close to running out of my Stadol.

On Saturday I did, and wound up at the ER. I wasn't vomiting at that point... The CVS that had my prescription was closed.

Sunday was Nathaniel's birthday... (Happy beated birthday Lovie! <3 ) Well, anyways, we were getting my prescription transferred back to the one in Beaumont... And they informed us that they couldn't. Once you transfer a prescription like that, you cannot transfer it again.

No exceptions, even for evacuations. Fuck. NO ONE TOLD US THIS BEFOREHAND.

So, I went to sleep while I could, woke up at 7:30pm with a bad shadow, and got in the shower, got ready to go to the ER.

Started vomiting again.

We were there from 9:30 until 4:30am. Shitload of people. They didn't get me back until 1:00am but they gave me fluids, pain meds, and nausea medicine. Helped a lot.

So, we go to the doctor today and he prescribes me 3 more bottles, so that I'm covered until I come back next week, and he writes it so that I can take it 4-6 times a day... Which means legally, they can't fuck with me about it being too soon for me to refill it.

Mom takes it to CVS, they claim it's too soon. Uhm... It's been over 7 days you fuckers. That was -your- limit. A bottle lasts me 5 days.

Mom took the prescription to walgreens, got home later with it, and I felt a hell of a lot better. Cluster headache frequency has gone back down now that I'm home.

Also, tomorrow night I probably spend the night at Brandi's. They're bringing a oxygen monitor over that I have to sleep with... THEN they'll get me my oxygen. Apparantly medicaid won't approve it without that. Wtf? It's not even FOR me to sleep with. It's for the goddamned cluster headaches! O_o; Oh well.

Okay so...

Sep. 26th, 2008 07:46 pm
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Our house is covered in trees pretty much, not really too much damage, it's still liveable.

This has been one freaking crazy 2 weeks, I'm so glad to be home. I'm also tired as hell.

Most of my specialists were on Galveston Island, so, as of now, I am rather fucked until they get it fixed. >_<;

On the upside we had a fantastic time for the most part. I had a fun time with everyone and Brandi is now hunting a job so we'll be babysitting for her. We also ordered a laptop, though, now we don't really need it.

Papa did say in a few months he'll get me my own desktop. When the new laptop comes in I'm gonna fix the current one up with XP Pro, since Gina FUBAR'd this one with a system restore, so I need to format the fucker.

Clusters have gotten much worse, praying it's just the change in sea level / altitude / something like that, since, 6-8 per day is not fun. I don't bother to medicate them all anymore, it's pointless, so instead I spend about 4+ hours sitting and rocking or pacing. At least now that I'm home I SHOULD be able to get my oxygen set up. Key word is should.
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In a hotel now. Beaumont is apparantly fucked up from Ike, will find out about house later. I'm doing okay.
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Tomorrow we evacuates. Whee. Even if we don't need to, better safe than sorry, right?

Update: It's hitting Freeport. We may be fucked.

Galveston is cancelling my neuro appointment tomorrow because of the storm.

Gina is starting to be a pain in the ass about the computer. I suppose it's a good thing that I've been promised my own as a belated birthday present. She won't be able to touch it, or fuck it up... Which she has been doing since she's started to play some games on here.

Doctor gave me a month supply of Stadol. It doesn't work as well as the Nubain injections, however, it saves me a hospital trip. I dislike being on it though. Shadow headaches still wake me up at night, or during the day. Usually shortly before the real headache occurs.

As long as it prevents this from happening I'll take it. (That video is fucking disturbing. Freaks me the fuck out, now I understand why I fucking block the worst of the headaches out of my mind.)

Still waiting on my oxygen, it should be soon though. Hopefully. Maybe when we get back the nurse will have everything ready again...

Well fuck.

Sep. 8th, 2008 09:09 pm
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Looks like we're evacuating from Ike again. DX

So if I disapear, that's why.


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